Pray For Orlando

Many of you may already know, but last night, there was a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando where people were taken hostage by a gunman. More than 50 people were killed and at least another 50 people were injured (Click here for more information by BuzzFeed News).

This shooting is affecting me very much because Orlando is like my second home. Because of the Disney College Program, I had the opportunity to live in Orlando for more than 7 months until last January. It shocked me. It still shocks me. How could anyone do such horrible things?

To my LGBT community, friends, family, and everyone affected, we are with you. Stay strong and proud. Don’t let anyone get in the way of who you want to be and who you choose to love. Love is love.


Hope this made your day a little more hopeful. – Erica

My Thoughts on The Jungle Book


It’s been a while since the live-action version of The Jungle Book has been released (over a month now in the US…) but I finally had the chance to go watch it. So today, I would like to share with you my thoughts on The Jungle book!



First of all, can we talk about the graphics!? The background images shown throughout the film was so well done. So beautiful! I’m usually not a fan of watching movies in 3D but because of the beautiful graphics I knew I was going to encounter,  I tried it, and loved it. I think it’s worth the couple of extra dollars. The 3D affect created so much depth to the pictures, as if I was inside the story with the characters, being able to experience Mowgli’s adventure with him! However, it wasn’t too over whelming with things popping out at you so you won’t get dizzy watching it!


The Making of The Jungle Book


The story itself was very good as well. There were all kinds of emotions in it. You can laugh, feel upset, angry, happy, scared, and lots of action. I was so moved by the film. As I mentioned Walt’s quote in one of my blog posts, Words from Walt (Every Laugh)“For every laugh, there should be a tear”. And I believe the creators of this new version of The Jungle Book were able to do just that! Oh! and there was singing too! You can hear some of our favorite Jungle Book toons as well!

Bear Neccessities The Jungle Book


Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.

I would love to hear what you thought of the film if you have seen it!



Trailer here:



Hope this made your day a little more magical! – Erica


One Year Ago Today… (DCP Journey)

I remember this day last year as if it happened yesterday. I woke up around 3 in the morning, got all my things, and my whole family drove me to the airport so that I can catch a 5 am flight to Orlando.

Everything was NEW. Flying to Orlando by myself was a first, riding on a shuttle bus by myself was a first, and checking into the Disney College Program was a first. I was SO excited but at the same time, scared. It was after all the first time I’ve been away from my family for so long. My 7 and a half month journey with the DCP started on this day last year. I can’t believe it!


So much has happened in the past year. I’ve met many amazing people who I call family.  I was granted the chance to experience something that made me stronger, kinder, and more confident. I am so glad I was able to be part of all of it!

Thank you for being a part of my journey.



Hope this made your day a little more magical! – Erica

Words from Walt (Every Laugh)


“For every laugh, there should be a tear”. –Walt Disney


Baymax and Hiro Hugging


Simple yet very strong quote for this week. I know Walt meant this quote for when entertaining people. Emotions are strong and Walt wanted people to be wowed and feel different types emotions through his creations.


I feel like this quote can be connected to growing up as well. We learn from our tears. I recently lost or got stolen my iPod which I only got in February. It was heart breaking… But I should be glad that it was just an iPod. It can be replaced (even though it is pretty costly…). All my memories inside the device was stored safely away on my account. It was better than losing my wallet or getting into a serious incident.

I learned from my tears and realized I must be more careful with my things. Especially when I’m in New York City! 😛



I hope you have a magical day full of inspirations! – Erica

Beauty and the Beast and Halloween Dresses

Who is your favorite Disney Princess? I know, this is a very hard question to answer. I don’t think I can choose either! But today, I would like to talk a little bit about “Beauty and the Beast” and my memories with this wonderful tale.

In elementary school, my Grandma made my sister and I dresses to wear for Halloween. Of course, Disney princesses’ dresses! One year, she made me a Cinderella dress, another year, she made me a Mary Poppins dress (Yes, she’s not a princess but her red and white dress is beautiful!) and one year, she made me a Belle dress.

Beauty and the Beast Belle in Yellow Dress Going Down Stairs

I LOVED my yellow gold dress. I would wear it around the house even after Halloween! It made me feel like a princess (I mean, I still am but you know, look the part too! ).

Going back memory lane and looking at places like the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, it makes me miss being able to dress up as a princess. Recently, my friend Claudia, the author of “It Doesn’t Take A Lot to Look Hot” created a make-up and hair tutorial on Belle! She did a very good job re-creating  Belle’s look and I thought to myself, I can now dress up as Belle a little bit like I used to when I was in elementary school. I can try on her look everyday without going over board!

Check out her tutorial here:

I really enjoy Claudia’s little beauty hacks and tutorials on her blog. If you are interested, click here to view Claudia’s blog!

Hope this made your day a little more magical! – Erica

Words from Walt (Understanding Life)


“Life is composed of lights and shadows, and we would be untruthful, insincere, and saccharine if we tried to pretend there were no shadows.”

-Walt Disney


Disney Peter Pan shadow


Life can’t always be most magical. But that’s okay!

With my semester coming to the end and finals week already here, life seems pretty sucky right now… But admitting it like Walt says, makes me feel a little bit better! I can get through it!

We shouldn’t avoid the shadows and keep moving forward!



I hope you have a magical day full of inspirations! – Erica

Visiting California Adventure!

During Spring break, I was able to finally visit California Adventure for the FIRST TIME EVER! I’m from NY so I don’t have many opportunities to visit California but for years I have been wanting to go to California Adventure. Especially when Cars Land opened.

To conclude my adventure all together in one word, it was magical! I know… That may sound cheesy but its true! I loved every bit of it.

I feel California Adventure is nothing like any of the other parks I’ve ever been to. Everything was so new and stimulating, my adrenaline was pumping the whole day!

I was finally able to go on the thrilling Disney roller coaster with the big hoop (California Screamin’) that I dreamed of since I can remember,

California_Screamin' ride Disneyland.


the Ferris wheel that swings around (Mickey’s Fun Wheel),

Mickeys-Fun-Wheel ride Disneyland.jpg

and finally be able to take a break on route 66 in Radiator Springs (Cars Land)!



It was just an overwhelming experience. Especially, Cars Land. I couldn’t believe how creatively done it was and how everything seemed to have come to life from the movie.



Radiator Springs Racer I think is my favorite ride!


I also felt like I was able to see a little bit of Disney’s Hollywood Studios which felt really good too. It felt like I was able to see a little bit of Streets of America which brought back memories of the Disney College Program and made me feel warm inside.

(Right picture: California Adventure. Left picture:Hollywood Studios)



For those who have never visited California Adventure before, I highly recommend it! It is like no other Disney park, and you will definitely be able to have a magical experience!


Hope this made your day a little more magical! – Erica

Words from Walt (Winning)


“The difference  between winning and losing is most often… Not quitting.”

– Walt Disney


Walt Disney Working

As long as we keep going, as long as we don’t stop, as long as we keep doing our best, we can get closer to our victories! The moment you give up and quit something you want to achieve, you lose.

I’m always so inspired and enlightened when I hear Walt’s words! I need to remind myself to keep going even when I feel like quitting.


I hope you have a magical day full of inspirations! – Erica



Visiting Disneyland! Part 3: Food

As I mentioned in my blog post a while back, I was really really excited to try different foods at the parks (Click here to check out the blog post). Today, I would like to share with you, all the foods I got to try at both Disneyland and California Adventure!


1.Jumbo Turkey Leg

This classic food stand food is always a go-to when my family and I visit the parks! Have you ever seen the size of this thing!? It’s humongous! and delicious! I think it could be a snack if you share and it whole meal. What I love about it is that you can share it with the family and fills up your stomach well.

I mean, there are Disney T-shirts dedicated to them. They must be good right!?


2. Flo’s V8 Café

I went to this quick service restaurant located inside Cars Land for dinner. First of all, the atmosphere inside the restaurant was fantastic! I loved the music playing in the background and all the decorations. It felt like I was in the 60’s!

The food was very good as well! I tried the BBQ Pork Ribs. The meat was very soft and I really enjoyed the sides that it came with (Mash potatoes and Cole Slaw) as well! Yum!


3. Bengal Barbecue

Located right in front of the Indiana Jones Ride, This food stand specializes in skewers, perfect for a light meal or a snack!

My family and I tried the Hot and Spicy, Banyan Beef Skewer, the Outback Vegetable Skewer, and the Safari Skewer which was Bacon-wrapped Asparagus.

They were all really good. The beef skewer was a lot spicier than we thought it was going to be (in a good thing!) and the other two skewers I thought were cooked perfectly as well.

The Bengal Barbecue snack stand outside


It was pretty warm out when we visited Disneyland so it was the perfect meal. Not making us feel warmer and heavier than we already felt!


4. Galactic Grill

This quick service location dedicated to Star Wars themed menu items I thought was very creative. They had Star Wars themed burgers and sandwiches as well as specialty desserts.

I ordered their Chopper Salad (I know… A Salad… Ew, boring!) because I felt like I needed some vegetables in my body and loved it! It was genuinely very good!

The salad included, grilled chicken, feta cheese, roasted peppers and more. All the ingredients were fresh and well balanced. I also really liked their special ranch dressing that was slightly spicy.



So, here you have it! All the foods that I got to try at Disneyland and California Adventure. I wish I was able to try more from the Must Try Foods recommended by BuzzFeed… Hopefully I will be able to next time I visit!



I hope this made your day a little more magical! – Erica

Worlds from Walt (Do what you love)


“Most of my life I have done what I wanted to do. I have had fun on the job.” – Walt Disney


Surprised Walt Disney GIF


My goal in life is to go by this rule. Money and other things are important but like my father always tells me too; its not fun doing something that you cannot seek any joy in. We should do things that give as joy. We should do what we love to do!

I hope I will be able to find a career where I can have fun on the job like Walt did!



I hope you have a magical day full of inspirations! – Erica